Desordem de la Ordem

Narrador: eita carai

9 bateristas 1 musica

Awesome Flooder
Awesome Flooder

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9 bateristas 1 musica

Mensagem por Filipus em 2015-10-11, 9:01 pm

O cara pediu para cada baterista escrever uma parte de bateria (solo, sem conexão a nada) e depois juntou tudo e depois fez a musica.

This is a project I've been working on for the last few months. I'm beyond grateful for everyone who contributed to the piece, I couldn't have asked for a better group of dudes.

THE OBJECTIVE was for each drummer to compose their own section of a song, the only rules were that they would get 18 bars at 140 bpm and match a similar fill at the end. Once they sent me their compositions, I tried to tie it together and order it in a way that felt cohesive. I then sent the full track to Nick and Reilly, of Night Verses, to compose a song around it. This video is the final result. None of the drummers were aware of what anyone else was playing when they wrote their section. Again, I asked for a piece of a song, *not a drum solo*, as this isn't intended to be a drum off. HUGE thanks to Anup, Mike, Matt, Loni, Billy, Garrett, Alex, Joe, Nick, Reilly, Kevin and Greg. You guys all killed it. Hoping to do a few more of these in the future Smile

Fiz 2 topicos vasco, quero 5k gold + magic wand.

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Mensagem por vasconcellanor em 2015-10-11, 11:12 pm

Dr. Carvalho

sem palavras

q projeto foda

dá pra ver a mudança sutil, mas real de baterista só ouvindo

e ficou mt foda



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Re: 9 bateristas 1 musica

Mensagem por Luks em 2015-10-15, 11:55 pm

muito foda

falando em bateria esse baterista do sepultura é foda olha

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